Kid’s Ministry at Cornerstone

The health of our church can be measured by the spiritual growth of our members, even the youngest ones. We desire to partner with parents in the Biblical upbringing of children in our Kid’s Ministry, our ministry for kids birth through 5th grade. Our Children’s Ministry is dedicated to engaging each child in Bible teaching, reinforcing Scripture that should be taught at first in the home.

Weekly Activities

Sundays8:30 Service – Birth through 5 years old10:30 Service – Birth through 5th grade

WednesdaysKids Worship Hour: 6:15-7:30 pm(Singing, Activities and Bible Study)

Kingdom Expanding. Heart Transforming. Culture Shaping.

It is sometimes difficult for children to be separated from their parents. We ask that you prepare your children ahead of time so that they will understand the importance of their time and yours as you seek to grow closer to God. Please see the Check-In Procedure for suggestions on how to do this. Our Kids Ministry is much more than a babysitting service, it is a safe place where children learn about Jesus, are encouraged, loved, and prayed for, as well as make friends.


We take the teaching of your kids very seriously.

We want to do a great job in partnering with you to see God grow, save, and mature your child disciple of Jesus. And that begins in the home. This desire to help you pastor, or disciple, your family greatly influenced the decision on curriculum.

First, we want the curriculum to be understandable and age appropriate as it conveys the big truths and the great news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Second, we want it to be usable to parents. With that in mind, we want you to get familiar with the curriculum we use. We would love for you to take what we use on Sunday and incorporate it into the normal rhythms of your family.


Our Kid’s Ministry at Cornerstone uses Bible Studies for Life as their curriculum. BS4L is a Bible study resource that applies the Bible to real life through Bible stories that guide them in decisions and teach them how to honor God throughout their day-to-day lives. It will help kids reach biblical milestones through the Levels of Biblical Learning, a proven framework for growth in God’s Word from birth through 5th grade. It also engages in discipleship through the weekly practice of Bible skills, study, Scripture memorization, and missional awareness.

Your child will be taught that Christianity is primarily about Jesus and what He has done for us. Our goal for your child is much bigger than good behavior, we want the good news of the Gospel to capture and change their heart. As we share with your child more and more of what Jesus has done for them (and us!), our prayer is that their hearts would grow more in love with Him.

The safety of your child is of utmost importance. At Cornerstone we consider it our responsibility to create a safe environment for children to learn about Jesus. Each team member must first go through training before serving in one of our classrooms or small groups. This includes a background check (re-checked every 3 years), sexual abuse training, and training on Cornerstone Kids policies and procedures. We also seek to adhere to current Ministry Safe worker-to-child ratios for each of our classrooms.

You may see youth helping in our Kid’s Ministry. We have extremely helpful teens that add greatly to the overall environment for our preschoolers! Each teen is required to do training. In addition, we background check anyone 15 and older. Teens are always in the presence of the Lead Teacher and/or Coordinator.

To prevent the spread of sickness, please do not drop your child off in our Kid’s Ministry with any of the following conditions:

Fever in the last 24 hoursVomiting or diarrheaPersistent coughCloudy or green runny noseAny unexplainable rashSymptoms of eye infection: gunk around the eyes, pink/red eyes, lots of drainage or tearingSigns of lice

If our team members notice any of the following symptoms in your child, you will be called to pick them up immediately.

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